"You should share something on burnout in sales." This was a conversation with a friend at the weekend. He's a senior Director in sales. He's been on the brink of burnout himself, however not too far from downing tools to move into property development. Happy days. He raised a valid point. He sees a lot of sales professionals in their 40s, grafting, big targets, loads of stress, booze in the mix to 'unwind'. Client entertainment - all surrounded by alcohol. Ongoing relentless pressure. The roller-coaster that is any sales profession. Are you feeling: - - Self doubt - Flat & down - Short tempered - A lack of motivation - Tired - your sleeping habits have changed And you know your workload at work is heavy. Family time is minimal. You can't leave the phone alone in an evening. You feel guilty? Are you using alcohol and/or other substances to escape? It could be time for a rain check. Here's some advice to get you started:- 1️⃣ Make some time for exercise - even short walks 2️⃣ Acknowledge that you need some support 3️⃣ Talk to your employer about how you feel 4️⃣ Reach out for some professional support 5️⃣ Try and put things into perspective 6️⃣ Reduce/stop your alcohol intake 7️⃣ Speak to family/close friends 8️⃣ Take some time out for you Have you ever reached a low point or burnout. What other help can you add from your experience? Comment below. 👇

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-02-16 09:35:19 UTC