Evening Guys! A little introduction, I’m Hannah, Director of Hannah Ruth Estates. I’m a property Deal Packager, Investor myself and Project manager building clients property portfolios in the North West of the UK. I specialise in finding both BMV properties. BRRR/ FLIP projects and R2RSA deals that can be transformed into High cash flowing assets. I’m predominantly here looking to work with Established developers and portfolio Landlords to see how Hannah Ruth Estates can maximise your profits and take the stress away from tired landlords. I’m also looking to work with entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale their existing OR new property portfolio. Tell me what you need, I’ll create a profile for you and see if I can help you get what you need! I Project Manage for Overseas or Busy property Investors providing an End - End service for those that are either to busy, out of the area or simply just don’t know how. How we work means im able to provide everything from sourcing to project management, with a fully established Build team in place to then the lettings or sales at the end of the project as a fully HANDS OFF end - end service. So if you are interested in discussing; -Sourcing requirements -North West Project Management (End - End) -Fixed returns for investors -Established North West Build Team Requirement -Developer Ready to lease to my fully vetted and pre qualified investor's. -Landlord wanting a hassle free way to lease out your next property. Please do get in touch, I’m looking forward to networking with you all! Hannah Bradshaw www.hannahruthestates.com

Posted by Hannah Ruth Estates at 2024-02-24 19:52:12 UTC