❄️ Wow, it was fresh outside this morning wasn't it?! When it's that cold outside, I find it quite a challenge to get out of my cosy, warm bed in the morning! Can you relate? This routine gets me out of bed because I love it, look forward to it, and know it's totally worth making time for. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this routine every single day because life happens (e.g. illness, other responsibilities can sometimes get in the way). And I might pick a smaller selection of the practices on some days depending on what my body and mind need most that morning. But I try to be consistent. Because consistency and repetition is what helps us to form new habits, and this is a habit that I know makes me feel positive, motivated and energised. And when I feel this way, I can be a be a better therapist, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbour, and all-round better human! 😊 So it benefits both myself and all others who come into contact with me. ⏩ What do you enjoy doing as part of your morning routine that helps to perk you up for the day?

Posted by Alison Snee at 2024-03-04 21:44:52 UTC