In moments of stress, it's common to be tempted by the allure of food like a bag of crisps or a donut isn't it? This temptation is not just a coincidence – it's linked to the release of cortisol, a sneaky stress hormone that nudges us towards craving high-sugar and high-fat foods. 🍕 It's like a signal from our brain saying, "hey, we need some quick energy!" However, those munchies don't really solve the problem, do they? We can often end up feeling sluggish and guilty afterwards. 😔 So, how can we change this behaviour? Here are 3 strategies that have worked well for my weight management clients. 1️⃣ Plan ahead - if there’s no chocolate in the house, it will be harder to access it in times of stress. Instead of buying chocolate, swap it for healthier alternatives. 2️⃣ Find ways to de-stress that don't involve a trip to the pantry - whether it's a walk or run, reading a book, or a chat with a friend, there are lots of different options! 3️⃣ Take a breather - throughout your day, weave in intentional short breaks and deep breaths. Being present in these moments helps you make conscious, healthier choices, steering clear of autopilot mode when you’re likely to be more tempted to reach for the junk food. I hope this helps! 😊

Posted by Alison Snee at 2024-03-11 16:50:39 UTC