"We're 5 weeks away from 7 o'clock sunsets, cold beers and bbqs in an evening, how good does that sound?" If you're like me, I'm ready for some lighter mornings and a temperature rise, longer days. More daylight and more time to to do fun things. It's funny how we create sub conscious routines and habits. I saw this quote on social media this week. Historically my automatic association with light nights and warmer temperature was alcohol. 🍻 Cold beer after work in the garden in the sun. 🍻 Cold beer after working in the garden in the sun. 🍻 Cold beer as I'm stressed in the garden in the sun. 🍻 Cold beer in the garden in the sun - no other reason really. You can still do all the above - a 0% Erdinger, a Nosseco or something similar does the job even better. ✔ Here's why:- 1️⃣ You're not going to be feeling jaded for work the next day 2️⃣ You're less likely to choose unhealthy food and snacks 3️⃣ You won't lose all of the time to the alcohol vortex 4️⃣ The placebo effect will help - this is a real thing 5️⃣ You can still be productive 6️⃣ You can get active too 7️⃣ It costs you a lot less You'll be so pleased with yourself in the morning - clear head, still had fun, not made an arse of yourself and ready to tackle the day with a smile on your face. Now is the time to be thinking about disrupting your usual habits as the sun rises. ACTION ➡️ MOMENTUM ➡️ RESULTS What does the shift in daylight and hours in the UK mean to you? Comment below. 👇

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-03-15 11:39:19 UTC