Earn Points, Unlock Badges: The Network Challenge! πŸ† Introducing The Network Challenge, where your participation not only connects you with fellow users but also rewards you for your engagement! We've gamified posting and sharing content on The Network within the UK Homes Network app to make your experience even more enjoyable and rewarding. How It Works: Post and earn points based on engagement. Invite new members to earn even more points. Climb the leaderboard and compete with other contributors. Rewards: Exclusive Badges - Unlock special badges to showcase your contributions and achievements within The Network. From "Influencer πŸŽ₯" to "Network Champion πŸ†" collect badges as you reach various milestones. Access to Premium Content: Top Contributors will earn free upgrades to groups like 'Land Match' & 'House Match' As well as a range of content in our media centre.

Posted by Chris at 2024-04-02 10:47:15 UTC