I wonder if many of The Network have come across these before? This is a Cornish Type1 Construction built house. It is distinctive because of it's mushroom shaped build. I came across them early in my career and there is quite a lot of them across the midlands. Mainly in mining areas. Some of these properties still have exposed sectional concrete but most of them now have a brick skin. They're fantastic properties for BTL because of their size and they were built pretty well. However the original concrete is not mortgageable. In the 1970's a massive effort was made to remove the concrete and update them with brick skins and a cavity. I believe a government scheme was in place with funding to have the work done. Unfortunately this opened the door for a few rogue traders who simply bricked over the concrete. This what I discovered when selling one of these a few years back when the solicitor had been requested by the lender for a PRC Certificate, that had to be date stamped. The PRC Certificate is the only way without removing the brickwork that certifies the original works was carried out correctly. Worth bearing in mind if you see one of these.

Posted by Chris at 2024-04-29 06:15:01 UTC