Good morning! How are you feeling today? If you're not feeling good - whether that's physical or mental discomfort, try this! 🏵️ Incorporate the following into your day: 🏵️ 1. Positive Activities - any kind of movement or activities that bring you joy - think a walk, doing a crossword, reading a book. 2. Positive Interactions - connect with those people who are uplifting, supportive and kind - call a friend, have a virtual tea break together or arrange to meet up. 3. Positive Thoughts - what are you grateful for today? Looking forward to next? Funny memories? These are known as the "3 P's"! All of them support the brain’s ability to change it's neuroplasticity and create more beneficial neural pathways. The ones we want! Starting today, why not challenge yourself to incorporate one of each of the "P's" into your day today and see how it makes you feel? I'd love to hear how you get on!

Posted by Alison Snee at 2024-04-30 08:52:13 UTC