You can't grow a successful business without this... Good quality sleep. The picture in the comments shares data on how alcohol consumption affects sleep. The science is self explanatory. I like science - researched facts. When the science is relatable and memorable, I find it's easy to shift my mindset, and behaviours easier. Here are four points worth considering. 1️⃣ Alcohol is a depressant. Don’t use it as a crutch to ‘relax’. 2️⃣ Alcohol, and poor quality sleep are linked, of course there are other factors to be taken into account 3️⃣ Alcohol may help you to fall asleep, but it most certainly disrupts your sleep cycle 4️⃣ Long-term alcohol use can result in insomnia, and other chronic sleep problems Was this news to you? Alcohol free - how has this affected your sleep? ACTION ➡️ MOMENTUM ➡️ RESULTS 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 I am Chris Howe, an ex Recruitment Director facilitating the growth of high potential Senior Execs and business owners - alcohol, lifestyle, mindset & business.

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-05-01 08:44:19 UTC