🚨Deal Sourcing Masterclass🚨 📍 Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel 🗓️ Sunday 12th May 2024 ⏰ 9am - 5pm You will learn the following: – Finding Deals – Access deals without sourcing them yourself – Finding Buyers – Deal Packaging – Making Sales – Deal Progression If you follow our teachings, you can easily replicate some of our clients and achieve 3-5 sales in your first 1-2 months, making you a minimum of £5k for your efforts. White Label Property will be hosting this event and will be run by Richard! I strongly advise attending so you can take some tips and tricks and apply it to what you are already doing! https://www.whitelabelproperty.com/deal-sourcing-masterclass/

Posted by Jamie at 2024-05-08 19:01:02 UTC