✨ In times when life feels challenging, it's often tough to come up with ideas of things we can do that we know could uplift us.....and then muster up the energy to put them into practice. ✨ We can go into survival mode which makes it difficult for us to see a clear path forward. ✨ This was the case with a client I saw recently who came to me for help with depression, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. She was in tears when we started her first session and explained that she had felt too bad to go work and had been off sick for the last couple of weeks. ✨ With gentle guidance, we explored the possibilities of what small, positive actions she could take if she felt even the slightest improvement. It was during this introspection that she recollected that she used to have a daily routine - writing down aspects of her day that brought joy or that she felt went well. ✨ This realisation prompted her to start this daily habit up again. She told me she would start by writing down one positive thing each day, and then maybe more if she felt inspired to later. ✨ There are times in life when we could all benefit from the right support, encouragement and a touch of accountability to help us to get back on track. 💜 I love helping people to discover the small, yet impactful actions they can take to navigate their journey towards feeling in a better place. This is one of the many benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to find out more. I’m always happy to chat!

Posted by Alison Snee at 2024-05-14 11:08:55 UTC