I'm absolutely buzzing about this client success story so I had to share it! This chart tracks the progress of a 21-year-old lady who came to see me back in February feeling depressed and demotivated. Having failed her university exams the previous year, she faced the daunting task of repeating the academic year. Her confidence had hit rock-bottom and she struggled to see any positives in her life. Fast-forward to today and she came into the session with a huge smile on her face, telling me that she had been revising consistently, had been going for regular walks and had been enjoying doing pottery classes again! This change highlights how hypnotherapy can deeply influence and encourage positive transformation. Tomorrow she will be retaking her exams and is feeling confident and ready to tackle them head-on! I’m so proud of her 😊 #solutionfocusedhypnotherapy #solutionfocusedhypnotherapist #clinicalhypnotherapy #limitingbeliefs #challengethoughts #motivation #confidence #mindset #anxietytherapy #anxietytherapist #stresstherapy #overwhelmsupport #examstress

Posted by Alison Snee at 2024-05-16 12:36:19 UTC