8 simple habits on your path to a healthy life. Before you consider joining the 5am club.. ✔ No/very minimal alcohol intake ✔ Drink water - a minimum 2 litres ✔ Move daily - 10k steps is a simple target ✔ Get outdoors in daylight - just 30 minutes ✔ Get a bit of 'me time' - even 15 minutes to reflect ✔ A balanced diet with limited sugars and processed foods ✔ Good quality sleep - ditch the 'sleep when I'm dead' mentality ✔ Don't snack on sh!t - replace crisps and chocolate with nuts or fruit How easy is it to do the above? Make these your non negotiables this shouldn't be too overwhelming. Bed this in then you can start to build on a quality foundation. Then you can go again if your please. ACTION ➡️ MOMENTUM ➡️ RESULTS 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 I am Chris Howe, an ex Recruitment Director facilitating the growth of high potential Senior Execs and business owners - alcohol, lifestyle, mindset & business. 🗓️ I post well-being tips every week

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-05-23 04:57:59 UTC