People keep telling you to “enjoy the journey” and ”embrace the process”……advice which is often given to us when we are going through life changes that might feel challenging. But this advice can be easier said than done....don’t you agree? Our brains naturally lean towards comfort and safety, which can make it feel scary and uncomfortable to step into the unknown realms that change brings. Such changes could be moving house or country, starting a new job, starting / ending a relationship and so many others. Even when we understand that this is just our brain doing what it has been designed to do (to protect you and keep you alive), it can be difficult to calm ourselves down just by trying to talk ourselves out of it! As someone who is personally going through a big life change at the moment, I’m sharing some tips on how I am protecting my peace and helping myself to be calm and grounded. 1. Remind yourself of the positive aspects of the change you’re going through – write a list of what you’re most looking forward to, what the benefits are and how they will make you feel. 2. Take breaks to centre yourself - it's very easy to over-think and grounding yourself can help to calm your mind. As “woo-woo” as it may seem, I've discovered that simply walking or standing barefoot in nature, soaking in the symphony of birdsong, can work wonders. It shifts my focus to the present moment, allowing me to truly feel the earth beneath my feet and engage all my senses. 3. Connect with people who uplift you, sharing experiences and insights that foster support and encouragement. Steer clear of naysayers! Seek out those who have navigated similar changes and can offer valuable guidance or serve as cheerleaders in your journey. 4. Ask for help – don’t hesitate to reach out for support when you need it. Whether it’s friends, family, or professional advisors, having a support network can make a huge difference. What else would you add?

Posted by Alison Snee at 2024-05-23 10:53:31 UTC