Productivity has always been a big issue for me. The ability to be an over thinker has its merits like increased empathy, risk awareness and strategically minded. However overthinking has the ability to stifle productivity. I find myself so wrapped up in my own brain I forget about the task I've set myself. If I'm really honest with myself, at times I can have the attention span of a flea. This is an experienced shared by a lot of people. So I'm going to share one thing that has helped me over the last 12 months. Lions Mane 🍄 Yes that's right, that thing Jeremy Clarkson was growing in a mouldy bunker on his farm. Well they've been using it in China for over 2000 years and it's probably their best kept secret. For roughly 12 months now I've been taking it and I have noticed the following benefits: Heightened focus - Right now I feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless, I haven't left my keyboard since 7am and I've smashed out more work than I would have thought possible. Reduced anxiety - I have noticed a definite reduction in social anxiety, I feel less apprehensive about meeting new people and I am able to concentrate on listening than trying to fill pregnant pauses in conversations. Stress Management - If you've been a connection for a while you'll know I used to cope with stress with alcohol. Since giving up, I've had to readapt to the sober stresses of life. At one point it actually gave me a full on health scare. Lions Mane gives me the ability to think calmly out of situations and restore my problem solving mentality. Recently I forgot to renew my subscription and within days I started to slip back into old habits of procrastination and day dreaming. After a while of taking it you won't notice the effects but if you review the difference with and without, I'm sure you'll notice a complete change in your life. With anything in this world, you need to speak to a doctor before taking anything like Lions Mane but I strongly recommend it, If it can work for you. Just be careful of where you buy it from and ensure the dosage is of significance and they use natural fillers.

Posted by Chris at 2024-05-29 11:32:28 UTC