5 mindset musts for optimal performance.. ✔ Growth mindset - a mindset that encourages learning, resilience, and an ability to embrace challenges - failures are opportunities for improvement. ✔ Set clear goals - Having clear objectives helps focus your energy and efforts, align them to our values, break them down into smaller achievable steps ✔ Practice positive self-talk - Give yourself a break and challenge negative self-talk with encouragement. You can do it! ✔ Develop resilience - Focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Practice wellbeing activities such as mindfulness, exercise, and good quality social interaction ✔ Be disciplined with priorities - Prioritise tasks, where do you add most value? 4d your to do list - Do, Diary, Delegate, Dump.. Some simple tips to think about and implement into your world that will impact your performance in work and at home. ACTION ➡️ MOMENTUM ➡️ RESULTS If alcohol is a regular feature in your life - some of the above are genuinely difficult to introduce. As a depressant it can act as a ball and chain, restricting a mindset shift for the good. 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼 I am Chris Howe, an ex Recruitment Director facilitating the growth of high potential business owners - alcohol, lifestyle, mindset & business coaching.

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