Setting personal boundaries - are you in control? Yesterday I ran through an internal workshop for my 121 clients all around setting healthy boundaries. ➡ What are healthy boundaries? ➡ People pleasing - a natural trait of many, it doesn't help ➡ External validation - why are we looking for this anyway? ➡ Techniques on how to implement healthy boundaries Clear communication. self respect, handling negative chatter, self esteem and learning to say no. This is a topic that I personally work on a lot. The impact to your emotional wellbeing, stress levels and your time will be significantly impacted for the better when you get this right. Action ➡ Momentum ➡ Results Chris - Your Results Coach (I took advantage of the weather and did the call in the garden with a floral shirt to brighten up my clients day.)

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-06-27 16:08:14 UTC