RCM Ltd are going from strength to strength, with bags of exciting news this week! The best part.... This is just the beginning. I am proud to announce that we have pledged to become a Fair Chance employer within #Warwickshire and we urge you to do the same. Many employers are excellent with providing adjustments within the working environment for those with varied or additional needs, but what about beforehand? What about raising the bar and assisting those with getting through the selection process with unbeatable and diverse support? This pledge represents our dedication to finding work within the construction arena for everyone, regardless of their diverse or complex requirements. As consultants, it remains our duty to support and educate our clients on #FairChanceEmployment showing them that we can do things differently, adjusting our processes for those that are qualified and keen, yet require a little more understanding and flexibility. Being a #FairChanceEmployer not only puts us at the forefront of revolutionised recruitment but also gives us access to funding, meaning we can go above and beyond for candidates. If you are open to discussing how we can support you into becoming a #FairChanceEmployer, then pick up the phone to RCM LTD, as we would be delighted to keep this movement going. #raisethebar #diversityinwarwickshire #formalinterviewsaresolastyear

Posted by Nikki at 2024-06-28 09:53:13 UTC