Heat pumps update: if your boiler’s on the blink, are you ready to take the plunge? Heat pumps are a form of ‘low-carbon’ central heating that runs on electricity, which can be generated from renewable sources. They work by capturing heat from outside your home, heating it, and transferring it inside. Although they cost more than gas boilers, they are extraordinarily efficient: for every unit of energy you put in, you can get about three units of heat out. Recently, a new breed of heat pumps has emerged, capable of supplying much higher temperatures (sometimes more than 70°C). These improved heat pumps use environmentally friendly refrigerants and have greener credentials. For instance, R290 (propane) is reportedly up to 34% more efficient. It might be time to reconsider heat pumps, especially since companies like Octopus Energy, Vaillant, and Vattenfall offer them, and replacing a combi boiler with a heat pump is reasonably straightforward. The UK, however, falls behind other European countries in heat pump adoption, so taking that first step could make a significant difference. ’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-67511954

Posted by milliecoleman at 2024-07-08 08:26:22 UTC