10 things I've learnt in the last 7 years. I wish I knew this 30 years ago. 1️⃣ Drinking alcohol regularly does not de-stress you. Your problems do not go away - they get worse. Get outdoors, get a hobby, get active instead 2️⃣ There is too much advice readily available online - choose a reputable source and follow that, it's easy to get distracted 3️⃣ Don't compare yourself to others unless it is for inspiration - focus on you, you versus you - no room for Ego or the green eyed monster 4️⃣ Diet - monitor calories, eat high protein do your best to eat whole foods 5️⃣ Work-life balance is a choice - it needs to work for you 6️⃣ Journaling, gratitude and meditation are mindset super activities - gym for the brain. Try it before you discount it as a bit 'hocus pocus' 7️⃣ Have some self respect - your gut will tell you if someone hasn't got your best interests at heart. You need to walk away, however difficult that seems 8️⃣ Beasting yourself in the gym is great, until you get injured. It's not needed to maintain a good base level of fitness. 10k steps minimum find sustainable activities that keep you on the move daily. NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) - understand this and adjust will be life changing 9️⃣ Laughter is the best medicine for sadness and depression - go and hunt it out 1️⃣ 0️⃣ Don't be a D!CK! This is very important. Anyone else agree? What more would you add?

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-02-02 08:56:45 UTC