You can't make progress doing this. Always thinking, always planning. I'm a fan of some thought don't get me wrong, but there are times when taking action is so necessary. I'll give you an example. I create my content for social media in batches for a week - this works for me. I choose to use Monday morning to do this. I can find myself sometimes procrastinating on themes and topics. I have to snap myself out of it. I've genuinely wasted hours thinking when creating content - even with a system. I know that action is required which has formed my strapline. ACTION ➡️ MOMENTUM ➡️ RESULTS Because taking action - however small and being consistent with this will create your momentum and of course the desired results, your results. ☁ Get you head out of the clouds. ☁ 👉 Write a 'to do' list (read that back) 👉 Highlight 3 non negotiables 👉 Tackle the big stuff first Often there can be root causes for procrastination and 'over thinking' so some deeper work may need to be done. Alison's post yesterday also started to look at how your mindset is crucial to creating constructive thoughts - take a read if you haven't already. Why the stress? Why the anxiety? Why the thinking? Why the fear? As a high performer what would you add here? Is too much thinking overrated? Does action speak louder than words? Let me know in the comments! 👇🏻 ACTION ➡️ MOMENTUM ➡️ RESULTS

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-02-07 08:43:30 UTC