"I’m one ‘you need to get up at 5am to be successful’ video away from punching somebody in the face." I love this headline as it sums up a lot of people's views when the '5am club' and rigorous morning routines are rammed down your throat. Not everyone is built for early mornings - that's human nature. I'll promote the benefits of a healthy start (and end) to the day and there are so many ways to do this. Lot's of beneficial habits and routines. It is a personal choice though. Young kids will takeover your mornings - they need all the attention you can give them. Be grateful, you've got healthy kids, they love you and want to be with you. Let me share my weekday morning routine, I make it work for me. 5:55am - Wake up, pint of water, journal & gratitude 6:10am - Meditation with a coffee (I enjoy coffee in the am) 6:25am - Elliot my eldest up and dressed for his paper run 6:35am - Another pint of water and multi vitamin 6:40am - Walk dogs and do paper run with Elliot in the village This is a really magical part of my morning routine. We chat and discuss lots of things that I don't think we would otherwise - while we get some light outdoors activity under our belt. Win, win! 7:20am - Back home to sort out both lads for school with the wife Sandwiches, breakfast, getting dressed, hygiene routines 8:08am - The lads are out of the door Then the wife and I can get ourselves prepared for our working days. That works for me and my current world and I thoroughly enjoy it. Sets me up nicely for the day ahead. Some real quality time with my eldest son and helping Jayne with both Henry and Elliot prepare for school which I know she appreciates. We're all happy. Build your own routine (which I do advocate), that works for you. I'd love to be smashing a HIIT workout at 06:30am like I used to. My life doesn't allow for that right now - that fits in somewhere else, for now. I'd love to hear how you set up your day - 5am club and smashing it? Kids taking over? Where do you fit in your 'me time'? ACTION ➡️ MOMENTUM ➡️ RESULTS

Posted by ThisisChrisHowe at 2024-02-09 15:36:00 UTC